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Dear Fred

What are your Top 5 Must Read Books?

Fred's Response

My good friend Charlie "Tremendous" Jones reminds us that "you'll be the same person five years from now as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read." Congratulations on being a reader. A study of corporate leaders showed that one of their common denominators was reading. You asked for a Top 5 must read list. I would have to say that the Bible is number one for any well-read person. I also recommend Oswald Chambers' classic, My Utmost For His Highest. Mary Alice and I have worn out numerous copies having read it almost daily for decades. Another book that has meant alot to me is The Seeking Heart by Francois Fenelon. Personally, I read in themes and authors. For example, I will read anything that Philip Yancey writes or Peter Drucker. I discovered a long time ago that my three themes were theology, philosophy and psychology. I am convinced that reading has a personal fit. Don't feel obligated to read what appeals to someone else. Often I will read just a paragraph or a few pages of a book or article that addresses one of my themes. Reading outside your themes costs valuable time and energy and isn't productive. I'd like to challenge you to identify your own themes and then build your reading around a plan for personal development. Bless you.