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Dear Fred

What is your opinion of doing business with someone just because they are Christians?

Fred's Response

Frankly, my experiences haven't been great. Most of the money that I have lost has been with inept Christians. Certainly, it would be wonderful if we could be assured that being a believer ensured high integrity and ethical standards. However, this isn't necessarily true. Doing business with someone strictly because they are "of the household of faith" hasn't worked for me. I think it was St. Francis, when asked if he bought sandals only from Christian cobblers replied that his first concern was that the sandals were well-made and comfortable to walk in. If the quality is equal and the price is fair, I would certainly lean toward the believer, but I wouldn't sacrifice quality. George Gallup, in a survey some years ago, showed that only 10% of the "born again" Christians were controlled in their decisions by their faith. Nominal faith is dramatically different from those who have experienced Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. I remember a man who, in the midst of writing a book about God directing his business, went under and had to be bought out. When people make comments about God being a member of their board of directors, or God being the co-pilot I look twice. It bothers me when businesses profess to be Christian businesses. I am convinced that there is no such thing. There are without a doubt fine Christian men and women who are IN business, but the business itself is not Christian. I look for the viability of a deal, quality of a product and responsiveness of a service person. I want them to work with me on the basis of integrity and expertise. I once hired a construction worker to do some remodeling. Shortly into the job he was found sitting on a rock just resting. When I asked him what was going on he explained that he was "fasting and praying" that week, so he couldn't work full speed. But he absolutely expected to be paid for full time. I think we constantly need to be careful that business deals with Christians that go sour don't create cynicism and an unforgiving spirit. As in all things our attitude and our spirit are critical elements. Thanks for asking this question --- it is one that many wonder about.