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Dear Fred

How do you overcome your biggest weakness and at the same time strengthen your dormant character in order to do so?

Fred's Response

These two are tied together. A faulty character will let you develop weaknesses. I have had very few dramatic healings but one time I got hold of a thought which would not turn me loose. I remembered that the Lord had said, “Cast your care upon me for I care for you.” I had come to the end of my strength and I simply asked him to take it. In fifteen minutes it was gone. This is one experience out of many failures and I don’t understand how this was effective or I would have used it more. Whatever you weakness, you must be honest and call it sin for that is what it is. Often times we can rationalize a weakness by saying I am human, I am not perfect. Name a sin a sin and treat it that way. Repent of it and do you best to turn from it, asking the Holy Spirit to increase your strength. I have known many people for whom this worked—including myself. Be sure you are willing of giving up the benefit of any sin because the devil never fishes with a bare hook. He gives us immediate benefits but with delayed payments.