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Dear Fred

You write about the benefits of developing the skill of discernment. Please advise how I may locate information to learn more about Discernment. Thank you for your life, and honoring God with it.

Fred's Response

Reading people is intuitive with me. However, it can be developed. The most important element of discernment is to assess the other person's spirit. It is out of this spirit that most of the actions come. For example, if a person is naturally hostile, they will do acts of hostility. It they are sweet spirited, they will show kindness. The person's facial expression often reflects their spirit and also their choice of words. There are helpful books on body language which discuss this particular element. It is important to hear what people say, but to assess why they say it and how they say it. Is there someone in your association who reads people well? watch how they work. You can also get a coach who specializes in discernment who reads things in people and can familiarize you with the techniques. Where you don't have a natural affinity for discernment be patient with yourself and don't assume a formula because each person is individual.