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Dear Fred

I am 50 and I am stuck. What do you recommend as I look at the future? How do I figure out what to do next? I am married with 3 children and feel like I have hit a wall.

Fred's Response

Not knowing your skills or personality it is difficult to know what your options are. Havae you thought objectively about them and then writing them down on paper? Obviously, you are going through a valley. God is still with you. I'm not surprised that you feel like so many other men that I've known at age 50. I suggest you read HalfTime by Bob Buford. Your situation isn't exactly the same, but it will give you good insights for middle age. Is the wall only in your career or is it also with your wife and children? You'll probably find most of the changing will be with you and not your circumstances. Look for the challenges in each area of your life that will revitalize you. Bless.