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Dear Fred

What is the greatest single piece of advice you could give to a 1)young preacher 2) young businessperson 3) young speaker 4) young husband/wife 5)board member

Fred's Response

1) preacher: be real. Develop your ministry on your talent and passion and try to personify the message that is coming through you and not from you. 2)businessperson: think of service to the customer before profit to yourself. Profit is the byproduct. Try to live rich as well as die rich. 3) speaker: Concentrate on what you're saying to them, not on what they're thinking about you. The audience is always more important than the spotlight. 4) husband/wife: Realize that you will learn more after you marry than before it. Charlton Heston said that the three most important words in his marriage were, "I was wrong." I would add that civility is critical for those times when the feeling of love isn't apparent. Never treat each other unkindly. 5) board member: only serve when you have a unique contribution to make.