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Dear Fred

How do I grow in my real estate sales career? I am successful, but I want to do better.

Fred's Response

From your question I assume that you are in the top half of the producers and want to move even higher. I could be more helpful if we were eyeball to eyeball, but with this limited information let me make a few suggestions. 1) As best you can, list the elements and activities of the high achievers and then grade yourself accordingly to how weell you match up in order to find improvements that you need to make; 2) choose a role model who demonstrates these characteristics; 3) set a goal that would get you into the upper ranks; 4) work out a specific plan that will accomplish the goal. If you accomplish it, you will automatically achieve the goal; 5) discipline your time, excluding all unprofitable activities; 6) develop an expertise that will let you bring something to the customer in addition to your product; 7) Think about: do you wish to be a high achiever, or do you want to be? Are you willing to pay the price or are you looking for a short cut? Be honest with yourself. Congratulations on wanting to grow.