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Die Daily

Many think that "dying to themselves" is what causes them so much pain. But it is actually part of them that still lives that causes the problem. Death is only painful to you when you resist it. Your imagination exaggerates how bad death will be. Self-love fights with all of its strength to live. Die inwardly as well as outwardly. Let all that is not bom of God within you die.
Bear your cross. Do you know what this means? Leam to see yourself as you are, and accept your weakness until it pleases God to heal you. Your goal is to be as patient with yourself as you are with your neighbor. If you die a little bit every day of your life, you won't have too much to worry about on your final day. Self-love brings great anxiety. No wonder you worry about the future so much. Be patient with yourself and allow your fellow Christians to help you. How completely will these daily deaths destroy the power of your final dying. Then your bodily death will be but a falling asleep. Happy are you who sleep this sleep of peace!