Daily Fenelon > Let Go of Anxiety

Let Go of Anxiety

Let your anxiety flow away like a stream. What evidence you concoct for the most imaginary situations! God permits you, despite your excellent sense, to be blind to what is right in front of you. You think you see clearly what does not exist at all. God will be glorified in your life if you yield to Him. Never make important decisions in a state of distress. You just are not able to see clearly.
When you are calm and collected, you will find the will of God more clearly known. Turn toward devotion and simplicity. Listen to God and be deaf to yourself. When you are in a place of calm and quiet rest, do all that you sense within your spirit. But to suppose you are level-headed when you are in the agony of distress is to set yourself up to make a mistake. Any experienced spiritual counselor will tell you not to make decisions until you regain your peace and re-enter inward prayer. Never trust yourself when you are suffering greatly because your nature is so unreasonable and upset.
You say that I am trying to prevent you from doing what you should. God forbid! I do not want to encourage you or stop you. I only want you to please God. It is as clear as day that you will fail to do what God wants if you act when your old nature is feeling deeply wounded to the point of despair. Would you do something only to make yourself happy even if it went against God's will? God forbid. Wait until you are not feeling so hurt. Be open to every alternative that God might suggest. Sacrifice anything for His sake.