I am glad that you have found the qualities you were looking for in the person you told me about. God puts what He pleases where He pleases. He sends us help and light through many different people and circumstances. Should this matter to you? If you see that God is sending you the help, then you will not be so taken up with how He sent it. His ways are high above ours.
Trust His way and you will grow in humility and simplicity. The Lord will show you that you have no power in and of yourself. Receive what He gives and depend on His Spirit, who blows where He wills. (John 3:8) You do not need to know the secrets of God—just be obedient to what He shows you to do. Thinking too much will distract you. If you become trapped in your thoughts, they will blow out your inward spiritual sense like a wind blowing out a candle. If you keep company with people like this, you will see how dry their hearts are and how far their minds have drifted off center. It is best to stay away from such people.
I also want to warn you about people who appear to have an inward spiritual life. It is easy to mistake a vivid imagination for true spiritual experience. Watch carefully and you will see that they are still improperly attached to outward things. Your wayward desires, left unattended, will lead to obsessions that strangle your inner peace and silence before God. Stay away from people who sound good but never exhibit true fruit of an inward walk. Their talk is deceptive and you will almost always finid them restless, fault-finding, and full of their own thoughts.
These spiritual! busybodies are annoyed with everything, and are almost always annoying