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Be Satisfied with Today

I pray that you never look for what you can get by trusting God, nor even cling to the things of this life, no matter how important they seem to you. Trust completely in God. He will not deceive you, but trusting the dark desires still hidden in your heart will.
Be as lowly and simple among the prestigious as you are alone before God. Do nothing from your natural reasoning. Look for no sense of certainty. Do not even look forward to better things. The present moment is your sole treasure for here is where the will of God is found. Do not insult today by looking for a better tomorrow! You deserve to be disappointed when you seek comfort like that!
Receive everything with a lowly spirit. Watch out that your curiosity does not cause you to seek things you shouldn't. Watch out, too, for selfishness that would want to hold back something good. Let God work, and view each moment as if it were the whole sweep of eternity.