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Cultivating Silence

Simply bringing yourself quietly before God will do more than worrying or being too religious. Silence is so important. Even when you cannot find total silence, you might try letting others take the lead in conversations. There is no better way to quench the natural strength of your old nature than by silencing it. Guard your tongue. Asyofl become more aware of the presence of God within, you will see how He is able to keep your words, thoughts, and desires in check. This work all happens gradually, so be patient with yourself as well as with others.
Try to practice silence as much as general courtesy permits. Silence encourages God's presence, prevents harsh words, and causes you to be less likely to say something you will regret. Silence also helps you put space between you and the world. Out of the silence that you cultivate, you will find strength to meet your needs.
No matter how much you cultivate silence, there will still be many disrupting situations in which you will find yourself against your will. God knows that you want to have much time to pray, but He still allows you to be surrounded by things that seem to prevent prayer.
Learn to love God's will more than the sweetness of self-chosen prayer. You know very well that you do not need to pray in your closet to love God* When He gives you time, take it to pray. When there is not time, be satisfied anyway. Lift up your spirit to Him without making any outward sign. Talk only when necessary. Bear the hardest things that cross your life. You need to deny yourself more than you need more light. Be faithful in keeping silent, and God will keep you from evil when you talk.
Accept what God chooses for you. This is more important than what you choose for yourself, for you are much tcfo easy on yourself. Day by day give yourself to God. He carries you in His arms like a mother carries her child. Believe, hope, and love like a child. Look with love and trust to your heavenly Father.