Daily Fenelon > Self-Love


You are too self-conscious. You also let your feelings guide you too much. As soon as prayer stops bringing you deep comfort, you become discouraged. Do you want to find peace? Be less infatuated with yourself, and more concerned with pleasing God.

Self-love will let you become sentimental about yourself and overly concerned with your problems. You will find yourself spending all your time worrying about your troubles. Soon all this worry will cloud over the sense of God's presence in your life, and then you will really be depressed. Paul said, "I do not judge myself." Take his advice and you will do well. Give God a free reign to work within you, and then don't spend all your time being introspective.

God will show you what displeases Him and all you have to do is simply turn away from what is unworthy of your Beloved. Stop being so taken up with yourself!

Your old nature wants to be perfect. It will push you in every way to be an outstanding Christian. Please avoid this trap. Simply follow the Lord. You do not need to see yourself as a wise, strong, and virtuous woman. Just be a little child.