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Idle Imaginatiions

You will sometimes cany into your prayer life a mind filled with idle imaginations and selfish thoughts. You will be torn between wanting to please God, and wanting to please yourself. Can you see how prayer can become so difficult and lifeless?

The very thing which could give you strength becomes powerless because there is so much inner struggle going on that your spirit is left unfed. How can you fix this? Lessen your distractions and spend more of your free time sitting before God.

I don't want to cut you off from your public duties. I don't think that you spend enough time visiting those you need to. But you really should re-evaluate what you do with your free hours. Indulge your curiosity less, and keep your business details to a minimum. Don't drag things out and learn the art of letting others help you. You tire yourself out more in studying disagreeable subjects than you would by visiting those who you think interfere with your free time. Take away your need to be distracted, and your need to always be busy, and you will find that all that is expected of you can quietly be done before God.