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Dear Fred

Dear Fred, My family wants to move from Florida, back to Alabama. I am afraid of making such a big change. Sell one house, buy another, leave our jobs, find another, change everything to be closer to the rest of our family and get away from the overgrowth here in Florida. How to I get the courage to do all that?

Fred's Response

Is this something that makes sense for your career? Is there something else that is driving this decision other than the overgrowth of Florida? Have you talked with your pastor or other friends? When you say "my family" do you mean the entire family, just your spouse, or your extended family? What was the reason for the move to Florida initially? If this is truly a healthy move for the entire family for the right reasons then it isn't about courage, but peace. If this is a reaction to a bad situation that may be temporary or may be fixed with a smaller change then perhaps you should continue your considerations before making such a drastic change.