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Dear Fred

Obedience is my problem. I "wish" to serve Him but find it so hard "in the moment" to give up what I want to do. After much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that I am a coward, for I do not want to endure what He has asked me and made me go through in the past. My brain tells me that He has a better plan, but I am not willing to surrender to the pain of getting there. Part Two: I grew up ridden with guilt, and have a hard time forgiving myself for sinning, or even making simple mistakes that "cost" me or someone else. I was never forgiven as a child, but I have pastors tell me things like, "Do you think you are better than God, who forgives you?" and "You must let the past go... that was then, this is now." I have tried all of the formulas. They do not help my anger at the time, in the moment. HELP!

Fred's Response

Obedience to fear is difficult; obedience to love is easy. Do you really believe God loves you and is on your side? If you do, obedience is the return of His love. If not, you have a natural feeling of rebellion against obedience. Do you have a sin which you insist on committing? If so, that could be the basis of your anger.