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Reality Touchstones

Weekly Thought - October 24, 2017

Fred believed strongly in reality.  He regularly reminded those around him to "stay current on the facts" and to "operate from the what is, not what you wish it were."  His questions reflect this emphasis.

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Reality Touchstones

1) When do I see myself as an exception to the rule?  This is an important question to answer.  I understand one of the common denominators of criminals is their assumption the rules do not apply to them.  I see Christians asking God for miracles rather than going through the hard work of producing what He has already given them the ability to achieve.  I do not believe God is in the business of producing spoiled brats.  God functions largely, I believe, by process.  Therefore, a divine process is just as divine as the miracle.  Also, when we expect to break the rules and win we are not only fooling ourselves but setting a terrible example for those around us.

2) How strong is my will to win?  I never know how strong my will to win is until I get into a possible losing situation.  Our will to win and our desire to win are connected.  It is important to strengthen the will in small matters so when the big situation comes along you can count on the ability of your resolve and persistence to kick in.  The will to win is just like muscle development --- it takes practice.

3) Am I a better starter or finisher?  Most people are better starters because there is a certain excitement in the beginning.  Finishing requires diligence and hard work.  When our son asked me to tell him about the important people in my life he asked me "did he finish well?" after each story.  I had not thought a lot about this but I gave it great thought and sadly realized many started strongly, but finished weakly.  A friend asked me to meet him at the club for lunch one day.  He began by saying he was 63 and felt he was at the ¾ mark.  He knew I was on the home stretch and wanted to know about finishing well.  I told him about the African runner who competed in the Olympics.  Just short of the finish line he pulled his hamstring and fell crippled to the track.  His father jumped to the ground and helped his son limp to the finish.  When asked why he got up he replied, "My country sent me here to not just start, but to finish."  Point well taken!  

Think about this week: 1) How can I strengthen my will muscles? 2) What am I doing right now to make sure I finish well? 3) Who can help me keep my focus clear?

Words of Wisdom: "The will to win is just like muscle development - it takes practice."

Wisdom from the Word: "For your loyal love extends beyond the sky, and your faithfulness reaches the clouds." (Psalm 57:10 NET Bible)    

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