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In our work, satisfaction

Lord, grant us 1) in our work, satisfaction 2) in our leisure, pleasure 3) in our study, wisdom and 4) in our love, loyalty.


Lord, grant us in our work, satisfaction:


     For a Christian, satisfaction must include meaning.  God is interested in our work life.  He commands us to be excellent, “not slothful” in business. I am sure that He is hurt when we are mediocre standing around the water cooler complaining, or sneaking into the restrooms to use our cells phones.  Or, again, using our computers for personal business or entertainment.  He says to us whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might, as unto the Lord.”  Notice, it doesn’t say “if you enjoy your work, like the boss or even your associates.”  It says that if we are going to put our life into it, do it to the best of our ability.  “Unto the Lord” gives work a divine significance.


     Christian executive, Mason Roberts, former President of Frigidaire told me his closing ritual of the day.  He had a daily calendar with the words, “Having my done my best today, it will be easier to do better tomorrow” printed on the top.  He would go to the calendar, put his hand on the page, give a short prayer of thanksgiving for the day, tear it off, throw it in the wastebasket and go home.  On those rare days when he could not honestly pray that he had done his best, he called his wife and asked her to delay dinner so that he could feel that satisfaction.


     It is our responsibility to bring meaning to our work.  We can do it in three ways:  1) in being excellent in what we do which gives us self-respect and security; 2) in the attitude we take to the job which helps create a positive environment 3) look on our associates as those we can encourage and even bring to the Lord.


     This week think about 1) Where do I find meaning in my work? 2) How do I define excellence? 3) What sets me apart as a Christian at work?