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In our loyalty, love

Lord, grant us 1) in our work, satisfaction 2) in our leisure, pleasure 3) in our study, wisdom and 4) in our love, loyalty.



     In Our Love, Loyalty:  Frankly, I was surprised to find in my study that loyalty was one of the key elements in love.  I had always thought of spontaneity and extravagance as characteristic, but now I must add loyalty.  As I recall personal experiences it became much clearer.  For example, when I was near death in the hospital I woke to see a sign on the wall with just four initials on it: YTCO.  One of our granddaughters, recalling a story that is very familiar to our family, had made it for me.  The story:  one of the Southern army officers when writing to General Robert E. Lee would always sign his letters, Yours To Count On. (YTCO).  It has become a family motto.  Seeing that I knew that I could count on my family’s love.


     As I travel I am a real connoisseur of donut shops.  In Grand Saline, Texas, I was visiting a store and across from me sat a country couple.  She wore the gingham and he wore the overalls.  Finishing before me he got up to pay and she didn’t get up which surprised me.  Then he came back and bent over to pick her up.  I realized that she was in a full body brace.  He took her to their pickup truck which I could see through the window.  The waitress who stood watching them remarked, “He took his vows seriously, didn’t he?”


     God’s love is evidenced through His loyalty to us.  “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Our names are engraved on the palms of His hand ---- it is permanent.  Romans 8:38 tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of God.


This week think about:  1) Am I loyal in my love? 2) How do I recognize loyalty? 3) Where do I see God’s loving loyalty?