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The Advantage of Flexibility

For most of us our life is a series of valleys, hills and mountain tops. Knowing the current reality is essential to stability. Flexibility helps us to maintain stability. Current reality is understanding “what is” not “what was” or “what will be” but living in the present.


It does not diminish the desire for better conditions but it recognizes these are our present realities. There are certain things which are fixed and are not variable. For example, new birth which once attained should never be questioned again.


Doubts are a disease. Death is another fixed reality and should not come as a surprise. Belief in heaven should not be subject to any uncertainty. The rest of life between new birth and death is usually a changing scene.


With flexibility we can accept our reality while adjusting any part we can. I have found in trying to maintain flexibility at ninety-one years is a mental discipline. It is important that we feel, whatever our condition, that God knows and cares.


Failing to objectively define the reality to which you must be flexible is almost a mental illness. The esteemed CEO, Max Dupree, said he felt his number one job was to define reality for the organization.


Here are some techniques that I have found helpful.

  1. Stay as relaxed as possible. Remember Jackie Robinson and how he was always prepared to go left or right or to jump for a ball.
  2. In down times be thankful for your opportunities and don’t expect to always be on the mountain top. When life goes up and down like a yo-yo it is flexibility that keeps us stabilized.


If you master flexibility you will treat your challenges as opportunities and experience accomplishment.



This week consider: 1) Where do I break instead of bend? 2) How does flexibility relate to resilience?  3) What accomplishment am I missing by inflexibility?