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Evidences of God

I was invited to attend a luncheon of 17 leading pastors, including Stephen Olford.  During the table conversation he said, “My brothers, I am weary of celebrity religion.  You know I have received my share of honors.  But if when I die my family does not say, ‘There is something of God in the man I will have failed.’”


A holy hush came over the group.  Each attendee considered their personal situation. 


Remembering it, I have thought about the evidences of God in a man.

First, I would suggest a quiet center that cannot be panicked.  The Quaker theologian Thomas Kelly called it making a “mental habit of internal orientation.”  I just call it cultivating a quiet space that cannot be disturbed.


I think of Christ asleep in the boat when the storm was raging.  Or, the eye of a hurricane when all about is roiling, the very center is peaceful --- almost eerily quiet.


Second, God is evidenced in the way that we speak.  I think of my friend Bob, raised on the streets of a big city, saying “When I came to Christ it cleaned up a dirty mouth and tongue.”  Vulgarity gave him a bad taste in his mouth.  Profanity turned into prayer.


Third, our quality and breadth of love is another evidence.  Unconditional love comes from Christ and when demonstrated, it is divine.  This love is more than tolerance; it is acceptance.  Orene, though saintly, said “There is not a sin which I cannot commit.  If I thought there were I couldn’t love the person who committed it.”


The last that I’ll mention is our attitude toward death.  One of the most important decisions in life concerns dying.  The assurance of heaven gives us a peaceful acceptance of life with its variation of fortune.  It reminds us that this life is the practice – the real game comes later.  I am glad.


 This week think about: 1) How do I recognize evidences of God in others? 2) What am I doing to cultivate a quiet center? 3) To whom am I evidencing God?


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