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M is for the Many Things She Gave Me

Mother’s Day reminds me of Amy Anderson Smith – my Mother.


I am within 18 months of my Mother’s life span.  Often in the difficult times I reflect on the courage and will she displayed.  Possibly, my going through 12 years of public school education without missing one single day is due to her will.  She had an indomitable spirit.  She used it on me from childhood!  She personified consistency and will.


In later life I became so conscious of her strong willpower I put this quote under the glass top on my desk in honor to her: “When nothing but your will says go.”  This has become one of the guideposts for the Smith family to the second and third generation.


I remember when Brenda had an appendicitis attack.  She looked up, saying, “Make it quit hurting, Dad.”  I was unable to stop the pain, but I could hold her hand and admonish, “Remember, when nothing but your will says go.”


I think Mother gave me the tendency to disdain poor character.  For example, in the impoverished part of town where we lived she had no patience with those who made no effort to improve their own life and that of their family.  No doubt my high regard for personal discipline and work habits I learned from her.


Mother was short on cheerleading but long on example.  Some of my family felt that she overdramatized my responsibility in life by the stories she told me as a child.  Much to her distaste we lived in the poorest part of town and she was determined to bring “her five boys” out.


One of my clearest memories is Mother’s telling me her life was dedicated to raising her boys, despite her desire and abilities to accomplish other things.  She knew that she wouldn’t have a comfortable, poverty-free life.  Upon my birth she knelt beside the bed, consecrating herself and asking the Lord to give me the opportunities she would never see.  I never saw this as a burden.  In my mind I always included her in every accomplishment.


The first line of the old song goes, “M is for the many things she gave me…”

Indeed, she did. 



This week carefully consider: 1) What did my Mother give me? 2) How am I teaching these lessons to others? 3) Who is my strongest influencer?