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Callenging Conditions, Disturbing Contributions

The following is taken from a Fred Smith speech memo dated 03-03-54. Fred muses about the challenging condition of his world and lists some disturbing contributions of his generation. As generally true of Fred's material, it is both timely and timeless.

  • We have given the new generation:
  • Religion without conviction
  • Science without conscience
  • Kinsey without marriage
  • Excitement without achievement
  • Security without effort
  • Knowledge without wisdom
  • Nightmares instead of dreams
  • Techniques without principles
  • Precepts without examples
  • Freedom without responsibility
  • The present without promise
  • The future without fruition
  • Marching orders without marching songs
  • Education without motivation
  • Prosperity without peace
  • War without reason
  • Art without beauty
  • Brotherhood without Godhood
  • Songs without souls
  • Enterprise without enthusiasm
  • Fission without feeling
  • Fusions without faith


This week think about:

  1. Where was I in 1954 and which one has most impacted my life?
  2. What elements of this list am I passing on to the next generation?
  3. What am I going to do about it today?