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Dear Fred

Hello Fred. I read about you and your lovely wife in a Christian pamphlet while having my hair done last night. Your story is quite interesting and very sweet. I trust that my husband, Sam and I have a long and Christian relationship as you and your wife did. My question husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, coming through it like a champ. We believe that God healed him. At that time in his life, he was not living in God's will, but rededicated his life to serve Him once he had gotten through the whole deal. And for a while he did. Now he doesn't attend church with me. I know he believes in God and I know he prays everyday. At times, I believe my faith is strong, but most times I lose that faith when I walk out of our home and go to church and again he says "no" when I ask him to come with me. Please tell me some scriptures I can read to reaffirm my faith and continue to trust that God will lead him back to Him. Thank you and have a wonderful and blessed 2006. You are an inspiration to all...BJ

Fred's Response

The Scripture teaches that many times a husband’s weak faith will be strengthened by observing his wife’s strong faith. Yours is based on a relationship with Christ not on whether Sam goes to church with you or not. It is very common for us to fail having the ongoing gratitude that we should. Gratitude is a fragile emotion and has to be kept alive. In fact, it can be an unpleasant reality that we are dependent on someone else, even on God. I would be interested in knowing whether Sam prays for continued favor and remission or if he continues to be thankful for the favor that he has already experienced. It is more important that you pray that he wants to go with you than it is to ask you to go with you. He doesn’t want you to ask him to go as a favor to you. Self-sufficiency is one of our most prevalent sins. We have known several couples where the wife has prayed for years that her husband would become active in his faith. It is always a blessing when it happens but seldom does it happen over night.