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Profitable Introspection

Weekly Thought - December 5, 2017

Fred's ability to ask simple, yet probing, questions enabled him to stretch others.  This week we continue with his collection of mentoring questions.  The complete list can be found under in the leadership library tab on www.breakfastwithfred.com  These questions can be used with others or as a personal inventory.

The Breakfast with Fred Leadership Institute continues to "stretch and bless."  Our 2018 schedule is filled with opportunities to go deeper with students through our What's Next Roundtables focusing on mentoring, networking, and persevering.  Please pray with us.  And your financial support would help us expand our reach and deepen our impact.

Profitable Introspection

1) Do I take myself seriously? I cannot know the answer until I analyze what areas I take seriously and the ones I approach lightly.  There are areas of my life that should be given the utmost seriousness.  Then there are other elements, such as small talk, which don't matter.  I have found that my gifts dictate the level of attention and sense of responsibility.  My uniqueness determines my desire to focus seriously.

2) What is the condition of my sense of humor?  As long as I can genuinely laugh at myself, I feel my humor is healthy.  Any time it degrades into sarcasm, cynicism, vulgarity, or ridicule it is diseased.  I consider healthy humor an important part of anyone's mental and emotional well-being.

3) Do I think about simplifying my life? I find simplification is generally accomplished a little at a time. The key issue is usually how.  For example, we should take an inventory of our activities to then see which ones can be eliminated to simplify our time pressures.  This inventory also includes a financial study to see what can be cut out if I really want to simplify.  We can all find places to cut if we sincerely want a simpler lifestyle.  But the key issue is honestly deciding what a simpler life looks like and deciding if that is really what is wanted.  And of course, the ability to say "no" is one of the most effective simplifiers.

4) What do I want on my tombstone?  I would like something that not only described me, but encourages others.  There are two that I find most interesting: "He stretched others," and recently one that I have thought about a lot "Now I know."  I was told that the great, blind songwriter, Fanny Crosby had a very small stone which simply said: "Aunt Fanny - she did what she could."  (NOTE:  Fred died on August 17, 2007.  And on his stone in Restland Cemetery, Dallas, TX, these words appear "He stretched others.")

5) How is my walk with God?  I count on knowing my relation to God is based on fact, not feeling.  Scripture tells us faith is based on the nature of God, not the nature of our feelings.  I would like my walk to be more personal and intimate, but I am grateful He has hold of me.  My friend Ray Stedman once told me his whole life changed when he realized God was for him.  I agree.  

This week think about: 1) How do I test my sense of humor? 2) When do I think about simplifying my life? 3) What is my uniqueness and how does it affect the way I live?

Words of Wisdom: "I consider healthy humor an important part of anyone's mental and emotional well-being."

Wisdom from the Word: "This is the account of Noah. Noah was a godly man; he was blameless among his contemporaries. He walked with God."  (Genesis 6:9  NET BIBLE)          

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