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Personal Creed

Weekly Thought - February 13, 2018

Fred inspired many of his friends to assemble "Fred Smith files." Recently, Jack Modesett of Houston, TX, and long-time, dear friend of Fred's mailed us a large folder of items accumulated through 30 or 40 years of friendship.  Thank you, Jack.  I know others have such files and if you would like to share, please forward any documents to BWF Project, Inc., P.O. Box 574, Hawkins, TX 75765.

This week we will feature one of those treasures in Jack's file:  Fred's personal creed.  This copy is dated 1987.

Personal Creed

Purpose:  To determine what I will become.  I will become the sum of my choices, and my decisions.  The Creed should guide and identify exceptions.

I will:

1)      Respect truth by searching for it and accepting it from any source.

2)      Look for the essence of matters as the elegance of life... as Einstein wanted to think God's thoughts after Him for all else is detail.  In problems I will look for the key facts like a logger looks for the key log.

3)      Endeavor to pray honestly about any subject assuming God already knows.

4)      Expect nothing but what I earn but will accept gifts gratefully.

5)      Own myself and the uniqueness I can contribute to life.  I will concentrate on my uniqueness rather than what I like to do or what I would be paid the most to do.  If my uniqueness is lost, then there has been no compelling reason for my having lived.  I will have failed to contribute my piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

6)      Limit extensive self-knowledge to my most productive strengths and destruction weaknesses.

7)      Construct concepts for my thinking and actions so as to minimize large mistakes and give consistency to my living.

8)      Relax in the sovereignty of God.  Service will be an expression of respect and love, not used for ingratiation.

9)      Decide the issues of life based on faith and Biblical authority.

10)   Respect money, but as a means never an end... as a tool, and never an idol.

11)   Endeavor to accept my rightful responsibility, not because I like it, but because it is right, realizing that my acts affect others. 

12)   Understand both good and bad actions have a ripple effect.

13)   Accept human imperfection as a reality, but never as an excuse or rationalization.

14)   See my life as a confluence of many profitable and interesting areas of life so as to continually broaden my base.

15)   Refuse to build an unreal image which enslaves me or alienates me from others.

16)   Accept a refining method good for all periods of life turning experiences into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom. 

17)   Live believing "the best is yet to be" by attention to maturity, health, relations, and capital.  I will not make a junkyard of my old age.

18)   Refuse to sacrifice these things for business success: a. Self-respect, b. Health, c. Family, d.  Relation with God

This week think about: 1) What does my personal creed look like? 2) Which of Fred's points can be a fire-starter for me? 3) How can I communicate my creed to my family, friends, and colleagues?

Words of Wisdom: Editorial note:  This week pick your own and concentrate on it.

Wisdom from the Word: "For the Lord gives wisdom, from His mouth come knowledge and understanding." (Proverbs 2:6  ESV)

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