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In our study, wisdom

Lord, grant us 1) in our work, satisfaction 2) in our leisure, pleasure 3) in our study, wisdom and 4) in our love, loyalty.



     In Our Study, Wisdom:  While Proverbs says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” it does not give a succinct definition of wisdom.  Personally, I define it as knowledge and use of divine principles.  As Einstein said, “I want to think God’s thoughts after Him.”  To me, that is wisdom.


     The wisdom of divine principles is often in concept, not in verses.  For example, the love of God which so few people really understand was perfectly stated by Ray Stedman “my life changed when I realized God was for me.”  The gaining of knowledge is the first step in wisdom.  For example, Jack Modesett, Jr. said, “my time at Princeton became enjoyable and profitable when I discovered that learning was fun.”  He has carried this over into his Bible studies and teaching.  Exploring divine mysteries is exciting.


     Another helpful divine principle is “God will not do for you what you can do for

yourself, but He will not let you do for yourself what only He can do.” Often we must take the first step like the priests stepping into the water before it divided.


     One principle that has been very sustaining to me in my disability is “ God will not give you strength to overcome, but will give you strength as you overcome.” What a treasury of wisdom we have in scripture when we accept it as God’s word and the authority for life. 


The fear of the Lord is the beginning and obedience is the end.


This week ask yourself: 1) Who is a wisdom figure in my life? 2) What life principles have started me on a wise path? 3) Am I fearing God and obeying Him?