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Three Levels of Living

Most of us live on three different levels during our lifetime: the valley, the plateau and the mountain.  Each of these has a distinct purpose in our life.  Each needs a plan for successful passage.  The valley is for growth; the plateau is for consolidation and assimilation; and the mountain top is for vision.

Let's break those out a little bit:

In the valley we grow in faith through prayer.  Often in these places we painfully feel the absence of God's active presence.  We have to rely on His word and His character.

During my sickness many people have assumed that I am experiencing a very special closeness to God unlike anything known to me in my wellness.  I may disappoint them, but I tell them that it just isn't so.  I know He is here because He said He would be ---- on that I dpend.

My good friend Howard Butt once said, "Jesus is a gentleman; He keeps His promises and appointments."

A key to the valley experience is knowing that you are going through it and not building a house to stay in it.  I appreciate the words, "and it came to pass."  Great hope!  We can be thankful in the valley that the time didn't come to stay, but came to pass.

I find that most of my time is spent on the plateau.  here is where we walk without fainting.  here is where we assimilate the power of faith that we learned through prayer in the valley.  When you combine the inspiration of vision you have a place to combine the elements and get ready for the next climb.

I always like to think that the plateau has an upward slant.

The mountain has the rarest air and occupies the least amount of our time.  The disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration saw a reality that gave them hope - the blessed Hope.  It is critical to turn vision into action. 

Visionaries must be reality based.

Each level of life has its own rewards.  Each of them is separate yet integrally related to the others.  There is a reason for each level and there is profit from each one if we understand them and read the roadsigns correctly.

To wish for a life of mountaintops alone would leave us disconnected from the world.  To think of wallowing in the valley forever would discourage us from action. 

To grow and never go would leave us on the plateau forever.

Three levels - three purposes - three experiences: all necessary and all meaningful.

This week think about: 1) Which level am I on right now? 2) What am I doing to maximize it? 3) What can I do to help others gain the most from their current reality?