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The Value of Adequacy

Adequacy is our ability to cope, not matter what the situation. It is both a fact and a feeling. I have seen many people who intellectually grasp the fact of adequacy but never connect the emotion. They know that adequacy exists, but they have not appropriated it personally. Consequently, they walk around plagued with negative thoughts and fears. Strangely, when problem situations occur they handle them well, but fail to enjoy the feeling of adequacy. To be real, adequacy must be internalized.... fact must be joined by feeling. It is important to realize that saying you are adequate when you are not is not reasonable. "Fake it until you make it" doesn't create competency. Fantasy thinking and living will ultimately fail and will create a great deal of trouble. When the truth comes to light fakers become frauds and are exposed. The authentic sense of feeling adequate is composed of hope, faith, confidence and past good experiences. It is important to chronicle and accumulate good experiences...and focus on them rather than the failures. Learn from the failures and put them away. Major on the good. Giftedness expert Bill Hendricks helps his clients find their motivational patterns by reviewing successes in the past. He has no interest in the flops. Our wins create a platform for right thinking. This week think about: 1) When do I feel most adequate? 2) What distinguishes my areas of adequacy?3) Where am I falling into fantasy thinking?